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I have over 20 years experience in the field of health, fitness, and nutrition as a coach/trainer. One day I woke up and looked around and thought I was dreaming. When I realized I wasn't I began to cry. I called out to my husband beside me whom is normally a hard sleeper. My tone startled him awake. I began to tell him that I can't move. He touched and was very attentive. I repeated "I can't move!" He then asked what I wanted him to do? It was a regular work day so in the mist of my tears I said "call our doctor." So he did. She told him to get me to the hospital... she would call ahead. Our oldest 6'5" son carried me down the steps and placed me in the car. (Yes! I was too stubborn to ride in an ambulance.) Off to the hospital we went. After several test the diagnosis came back saying Multiple Sclerosis with paralysis head to toe. Once I got my tears out; I prayed. I had my husband call my Godmother. I told her what was stated.  She goes on in her Louisiana tone; "what they call that thing?" I said Multiple Sclerosis or MS for short. She said what Satan meant for bad; God meant for good. She proceeds to tell me we are going to put a name on it. I said okay!  About a week later she tells me we no longer will call it Multiple Sclerosis. We will call it Mighty Savior. She then explained to me that mans name had pain, sadness, and fear attached to it. Now the name has HOPE! You see she wanted to remove all pain associated in just acknowledging that name. I never looked back... Come join one of my classes to hear how my story continued... Who knows; you may realize your dreams too!

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