My Goodness

Did you miss me? There has been quite a bit of getting through each day to day but actively learning...

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Quality Time w/ Essential Oils 

February 8, 2021   When we thought about all that is going on in the world, we thought of the need t...

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What’s in the box?

January 15, 2021 As you know; we have the heart to give. Ther...

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 Colleague Recognition and Grinch Week

December 22, 2020                      Give my colleague some love for a job well done. She began th...

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AAA (Aunt Alma’s Anxiety) 

November, 18, 2020                     This is the month that Thanksgiving is recognized but we try ...

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Princess Party

October 11, 2020 My granddaughter turned 5 years old today. I told her dad she would have her own pa...

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Essential Classroom DIY

September 27, 2020 We had an amazing turn out of teachers on our call this evening. ( I am still kic...

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Small Business Support

Back in May 2020 I was scrolling through the business thread on FB and I was ashamed that I had not ...

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Not about Us

August 13, 2020 We want to see others succeed in what they do. Sometimes we collaborate with others ...

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Faith Within

May 23, 2020 Hello! I’m Pennie with Purpose Passion Pure. I use doTERRA 100% Certified Pure Therapeu...

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Water Challenge

July 25, 2020 We just finished our first essential oil event…                                       ...

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