Faith Within

May 23, 2020
Hello! I’m Pennie with Purpose Passion Pure. I use doTERRA 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils that are also medicinal. 
As of this very day I am a Certified Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils. I am finally getting to weave all of my love and passions all together again. Can you tell that I’m EXCITED???
I dabbled with essential oils here and there but when one of my aunts introduced this to the family earlier this year and the results were immediate for their aches and pains… I knew I had to do my research.
 I then attended a class and it was confirmed that this was my missing link to my business, my health, and helping others. I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for the opportunity that he had opened up for me.
Some people call this day to day thing life. I call it my Jesus Journey. Why? Because it is Jesus that has saved and preserved me to tell my story of how He is everything and more than what scripture says.
As for me; I am city born and country raised right here in Ohio. I married the boy next door from my childhood.
Together we were blessed with three loving individuals that grew up to give back in social work and two forms of engineering.
The oldest two made sure we could embrace the joyful bliss of Grand parenting! OMG!!! Talk about the fun filled days of laughter with entertainment. We are going to live for a long time with these little ones around J
My educational background is in health & fitness, nutrition, along with several specialty certifications including National Alliance on Mental Illness, and essential oils. I’ve spent about 20 years in my field coaching sports and training individuals in facilities as well as privately. I have enjoyed every step because it never really seems like work when you are passionate about what you do. Yes!!! If you can’t tell; I absolutely love what I do!
Then; I had to give it all up when I turned 40 years old. I woke up one January morning unable to move. I had complete paralysis and was taken in for an MRI. The diagnosis revealed over 10 lesions on my brain and several on my spine suggesting Multiple Sclerosis.
So of course I did something I don’t do much… I CRIED until the well ran dry. Then I prayed about my situation because I understood it would take Devine help to get through whatever was coming next.
Bedridden, wheelchair bound, specialist, and lots of expensive medicine was SUPPOSED to be my new normal.
Thank the Lord I have been able to shake most of that through support, prayer, and lifestyle changes.
I run short distances with a brace and a limp but I can RUN!!!
I’m not 100% but because I continue to believe “faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrew 11:1 KJV)
 Through it all; I have learned I can be my best me each day I’m given.
Now I get to add in more essential oils to my journey while encouraging others along the way.
Continued Blessings 

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