AAA (Aunt Alma’s Anxiety) 

November, 18, 2020                    
This is the month that Thanksgiving is recognized but we try to be thankful for the little things on a regular. When you have a loved one that is sickly in their body and not much can be done medically to care for them; you still search for answers. Our family has many loved ones but this one in particular has anxiety from things she has been through in her past. In the melanated skin community; that is something that is something generally not discussed or prayed about behind closed doors. Unfortunately, we have found that this type of cover up does more damage than it helps. Talking to someone inside or outside the family helps the individual work through whatever they are struggling with instead of suppressing the situation. I recall just getting home to receive a call from this lovely lady inquiring if any of my oils work for anxiety. My response was “Yes ma’am! I will get it together and be right over.”  I went into chemist mode preparing the right oil blend to combat her anxiety. (I usually ask or try to be mindful of things clients may be taking as well as the conditions their body may be going through.)  I delivered and applied the oils to the base of her skull and in the web of her fingers. Within in 15 minutes you see her relaxing and dozing off to sleep. She awakened a short while later with a smile on her face from ear to ear. She asked me what the bill was. I told her the blessing in that SMILE… is payment enough.  Being able to share these kind of praise reports never gets old. To God be the GLORY!!!

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