Colleague Recognition and Grinch Week

December 22, 2020                     
Give my colleague some love for a job well done. She began this doTERRA journey in April. She closed out the year as an overall enrollment leader!!! We take pride in encouraging the steps in advancement. Dawnetta is a natural advocate on the job, in the family, in her place of faith, and volunteering in areas she is passionate about. Doors will continue to open for Dawnetta in all areas of her life as she continues to believe in her destiny. Dawnetta continue to be the encouragement that makes difference in the lives of those around you. BLESSINGS!!!! 
Now we can’t close out this month or slam the door on 2020 without speaking of the blast we had with the children doing Grinch week.
 No lights! No wreaths! No trees to cause a mess and SNEEZE!!! The bit of snow we got was just a tease.
 So what did we do? We learned some new rules…
 Sometimes we are blessed with so much we expect a thing or two.
 If the children had a Grinch like attitude it was called out and the prize of the day went to the one that showed Grace.
 Pin the heart on the Grinch was a easy win. The older ones thought they had this game in the hat until the rules got flipped. The winner was the one furthest from the heart.
 Grinch food, Grinch milk, Grinch crafts and games too!
 We had a blast not forgetting how we sprinkled in some essential oils too!
 Thank you Jesus! You are in control of all of our days. 

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