Princess Party

October 11, 2020

My granddaughter turned 5 years old today.
I told her dad she would have her own party this year instead of sharing with her cousin (that is close like a brother) who's birthday is a week later.
She tells me she wants a Ariel (Little Mermaid) party. Finding decorations was not going well. So I returned to Audrey and asked if a Princess Party would be okay? Her eyes lit up as she informed everyone of her Princess Party.
Then I got to thinking how I'm not much on girly stuff and the guest because of Covid will be her boy cousins... What have I gotten myself into?
As I piece worked the party together with lots and lots of prayer; I was pleased. Not so much with the things that I came up with but that the boys being as excited for Audrey having a princess party as she was. Their selflessness made me proud to be called their GP.
Did I mention that Audrey did the girly screeching scream when she saw the decorations for her party?
They made their own roller bottle potions (with assistance of course) and was pleased to be big enough to open the case to apply them by themselves. This along with painting, Leap Frog TV, scavenger hunt, food, and gifts; 
Audrey kept saying, " this was the best day ever!"

We were so busy helping and having fun the day of ... the make & take pictures were not taken. But, the boys loved the Owie and Breathe rollers so much that they did not disappoint with the use the next day. 
Put one in the book for GP. WHOOT! WHOOT! 

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