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Back in May 2020

I was scrolling through the business thread on FB and I was ashamed that I had not taken the time time to post on here about Devann's Way. (Sorry Angie! Next lunching is on me.)
When you have quality people not a quantity of people in your corner; you are more than grateful. Little conversations and small jesters matter.
Thinking outside of the box; we reached out to a friend that runs several of her own businesses. We shared information with her and she was willing to help support getting our name out there with her Bobbie Beads business.
We provided her with samples and cards to give to her customers. She in turn shared this on her page:

 Devann's Way Designs
May 13, 2020
"The ultimate sensual experience. What do you know about healing and aromatherapy beads? One drop of essential oil and you can feel relaxed, uplifted, defended, motivated and calm. I have the bracelets and Pennie can help you with the oils.”

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