What’s in the box?

January 15, 2021                                      
As you know; we have the heart to give. There are so many people in our cities; let alone this country that is in need… doTERRA has given us the opportunity to give abroad. We get all the reasons why doTERRA gives back as they do and we pitch in too. There is story after story of how the oils are created. Then there are counter stories of how we give back. We are truly thankful for the opportunities. But for us… we are taught to take care of home first. You never know what has placed people in their current situation. No two stories are the same. Especially when you have been in their shoes… (We will save that story for an oils class.)     This year we have decided to we are going to give 5 care packages per quarter to the homeless. That is 20 packages per year to start. In helping to provide the simplest needs; are some of the biggest blessings. The boxes are up-cycled from our doTERRA orders. We flip them inside out and fill them with some self care items. Once filled and labeled on the outside; they are handed out randomly during the work day as led to give. Their smiles and gratitude is more than one could ever ask for as a giver. To hear someone that is living as they are to say “God bless you!” Great tears well up on the inside because you listened and responded appropriately to the direction that the Lord provided.  Thank you Jesus! Each opportunity that you provided helps us grow spiritually.  

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