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If you're part of our team, you're part of our family. Please take advantage of all of the incredible resources and support that we have to offer you. When we say this is a family affair; we are not kidding.
Roger and Pennie are part of Connell Enterprises - Wellness Division. Within this division is Purpose Passion Pure which is about all types of support towards autoimmune conditions such as MS, Parkinson's, and a few others. Pennie has years of experience and education in fitness, nutrition, as well as doTERRA essential oils. Roger handles all things IT behind the scenes with our youngest son. Contact- or 
Now for our business partners...
One of our partners is Dawnetta with Village Life Oils which she naturally shy's away from the letters following her name in order to better serve her cliental. She specializes in encouraging others in the benefits of using essential oils alongside of what the doctor has ordered for equally serious conditions such as diabetes and mental/emotional health.
The youngest frontline partner is Jasmine. She brings the spice to the table. She is our all things social media woman. Her brand is Essentially Pure w/Jasmine. She also offers a wide array of things including green cleaning, essential kids, and her "Long Hair Don't Care" hair oils make you feel like royalty. Conact-
There isn't enough to be said about those helping behind the scenes. They do all that they do so we can properly take care of you. We love our crew!!!!

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We're here to help you bring your dreams to life with doTERRA.

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By growing a doTERRA business you are actively making the world a better place. Behind every bottle of oil is a farmer, a family, and a community. When we have the courage to share these life-changing natural solutions, it creates a ripple effect for good. Always remember how one drop can change the world forever for the better in someone's life.

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